Public Notice – Proposed partial closure of Hurst Road


Proposed Hurst Road closure

The existing road reserve of Hurst Road is proposed to be closed to facilitate development of stage 1 of the Development Area 6A ‘Orion’ project. View the road closure plan here. The existing Hurst Road reserve is currently unconstructed and cannot accommodate RAV4 vehicles to support general industrial development.

A subdivision application is progressing for the Stage 1 of development in accordance with the approved Development Area 6A Structure Plan. The approved Structure Plan included the realignment of Hurst Road to provide access between Russell Road and Rockingham Road, and ultimately a second access point connecting south to Musson Road in Development Area 2.

Stage 1 access will be provided via the intersection of Rockingham Road / Hurst Road forming the main access to the subdivision. The closure of a portion of Hurst Road and its realignment as part of Stage 1 subdivision will support a more uniform lot layout for general industrial development and has utilised the existing road reserve where possible. The realignment will also optimise the development potential of private landowner impacted by the future upgrades to Rockingham Road. The road will be constructed to a sufficient standard to accommodate up to RAV 4 network (27.5m vehicles). A subdivision application will be lodged to the WAPC shortly which will be submitted by all landowners on Hurst Road.

Road Closure Process

The land contained within public roads (ie “dedicated” roads) is Crown land, administered by the Department of Lands (DoL) with responsibility for care and maintenance delegated to Local Government.

In certain cases, where a public road or portion of a public road is no longer required or can be realigned it may be permanently closed in accordance with Section 58 of the Land Administration Act 1997 (LAA). In accordance with the LAA, service authorities must be consulted for a period of 35 days after which any submissions are considered and a report is prepared for consideration by Council. In this instance, the Western Australian Land Authority (DevelopmentWA) is acting in the position of the local government as the public road is located within the Hope Valley Wattleup Redevelopment Area.

If DevelopmentWA supports the application, they will forward the request and documentation to DoL for consideration by the Minster for Lands. If the Minister does not support the application for closure, the application cannot proceed. If the Minister grants the request, formal actions are commenced by DoL to close the road reserve and the applicant is contacted directly by DoL for this purpose.

The public comment period is for 35 days from Thursday, 8 October 2020. Any persons wishing to comment on the proposal should do so before

4:00pm Friday 13th November 2020 via email to or in writing to —

Latitude 32 Industry Zone Public Submissions


Level 2, 40 The Esplanade

Perth WA 6000