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Given the size and scope of Latitude 32, it will require the construction of and major investment into some important infrastructure, including the possibility of future road works and an intermodal freight terminal.

The need for this infrastructure will be determined as the project progresses.

Currently there are a number of possible road works planned to make sure that Latitude 32 has easy access to road, rail, ports and Perth’s airports. These include:

  • The anticipated construction/extension of Rowley Road by 2026,
  • The anticipated construction of the Fremantle to Rockingham Controlled Access Highway (FRCAH) by 2031.

For more information about the road works call Main Roads Western Australia on 138 138.

The intermodal freight terminal will be used to transfer freight, mainly containers, from one type of transport to another, such as from rail to road. It will cater for intrastate transport and the proposed outer harbour freight movements. The decision about the location and the configuration of the intermodal freight terminal depends on any decisions that might be made about the outer harbour.

For more information call the Department of Transport on 6551 6000.