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If your land is in the area proposed for the freight terminal, please contact the Department of Planning, Land and Heritage's Property Management Services team on 9264 7777 to discuss your options.

Any applications for the construction of or additions to any building or structure, demolition of any building or structure (including but not limited to sheds, retaining walls and fencing) or change of use requires an Application for Planning Approval (also known as Development Approval) and may also require a Building Permit. Applications for planning approval are to use the dedicated form and sent to either the City of Cockburn or the City of Kwinana, depending on the location of the property.

"A" use means that the use is not permitted unless the Western Australian Planning Commission has exercised its discretion by granting planning approval after notifying relevant government agencies and landowners likely to be affected by the granting of the planning approval.


A tool to aportion the costs of key infrastructure based on beneficiaree pays.

Key infrastructure includes roads (major dual carriageways and Russell Road upgrade), land for sewerage works, zoned substations and drainage as well as to achieve environmental outcomes through provision of key natural areas.