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Shared infrastructure will be provided through the appropriate service agency as well as the Developer Contribution Plan. Individual infrastructure required to service your land will be a development cost to the landowner.

Development has occurred at Flinders Precinct, the first estate within Latitude 32.

LandCorp is expected to commence work on Development Area 2 in 2019. 

Further development across the 1400ha will take place subject to completion of structure planning and landowner intentions over the next few decades. 

Generally, the landowner with the higher land level is responsible for the cost of a retaining wall. You are encouraged to discuss retaining and boundary wall costs with your neighbour.

1. If your development area structure plan has been advertised:

Your future redevelopment levels are shown within the structure plan and the Levels Planning Policy.

2. If your development area structure plan has yet to be advertised:

A preliminary redevelopment level is shown within the relevant development area levels plan attached to the structure plan.

These roads are classified as Primary Regional Roads under the control of Main Roads. There is no direct access from individual lots however there will be access via future Latitude 32 roads such as the North South District Distributor Road to Russell and Rowley Roads.

Please refer to Section 159 within the Planning and Development Act 2005. In line with the act, if a landowner on an adjoining road to your development wishes to develop their property after you they must contribute to the original cost of establishing the road.

There are a large number of landowners spread across Latitude 32 and to allow for all requirements to convert the land from rural use to future industrial use (e.g. engineering and infrastructure requirements, servicing and redevelopment levels), your land must be developed in a coordinated manner and in accordance with your development area’s structure plan.