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All landowners who intend to develop will be required to contribute payments in line with the Developer Contribution Plan for their development area. They will need to make sure they can meet this obligation prior to submitting a subdivision application OR prior to the issue of a Building Licence/as condition of development, whichever is earlier.

As part of its role to administer the Development Contribution Plan, LandCorp will install key infrastucture including sewerage pump stations, drainage, land for electrical zoned substations and district distributor roads.

Timing of this key inftrastructure is dependent on sufficient funds being collected from the Development Contribution Plan.

Individual developers will be responsible for servicing their development and may also be  required to provide key infrastructure, which would be subject to reimbursement from the Development Contribution Plan.

If you're a landowner and interested in opportunities for sand and limestone to be extracted from your property, prior to commencing work you must submit a Development Application with your local council. Council will advise of additional requirements to be submitted with the application.

The levels which sand and limestone can be extracted to is identified within the Levels Planning Policy.

Landowners are able to develop at any time, subject to achieving final redevelopment levels and there is an approved Structure Plan for your development area. Landowners are encouraged to consider development with adjoining land owners.

Development cannot commence without an approved Structure Plan for your development area and final redevelopment levels have been achieved.

LandCorp will not be asking any landowner to leave their property. You have three options with your land:

  • Sell your property on the open market,
  • Stay and continue with your approved use, or
  • Redevelop your land for industrial use.

LandCorp's key role in Latitude 32 is to complete structure planning to enable development to proceed. LandCorp has finalised structure planning for Development Areas 1, 2, 3 and will resubmit a modified structure plan for Area 4 in 2018.

As Latitude 32 will play a significant role in the Westport facility, planning for parts of Development Area 4 and all of 5 and 6 will now form part of the Westport Port and Environs Strategy.

LandCorp is now investigating how it can develop its landholdings within Development Areas 2 and 3 to continue to supply land beyond Flinders Precinct and to also activate the surrounding landowners.