As part of the Hope Valley Wattleup Redevelopment Project Master Plan, LandCorp has prepared a number of documents for public comment. You can view all of them below.

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Appendix E DA6A Transport Assessment
This Transport Assessment has been prepared in accordance with the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) Transport Assessment Guidelines for Developments: Volume 2 – Planning Schemes, Structure Plans and Activity Centre Plans (Revised August 2016) and outlines the transport aspects of the proposed Development Area 6A (DA6A) Structure Plan for Latitude 32 and focuses on the traffic operations, access arrangements and road reservation widths within the area.
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Appendix F DA6A Local Water Management Strategy
This Local Water Management Strategy (LWMS) has been prepared by Hyd2o on behalf of LandCorp to support the proposed Development Area 6 Structure Plan (the Structure Plan) prepared by Urbis. Development Area 6A (herein referred to as the site) is approximately 96.8 ha within the greater Latitude 32 Industry Zone (formerly referred to as the Hope Valley-Wattleup Redevelopment Area (Redevelopment Area)).
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Appendix G DA6A Landscape Design Report
With the current land uses within this Development Area there is virtually no high quality native vegetation remaining on site. This places a particularly high emphasis on ensuring that the amenity provided by the road network and drainage basins is achieved in this Development Area in both a practical and functional manner.
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Appendix H DA6A Engineering Strategy
This report has been prepared by Cossill & Webley Pty Ltd (C&W) at the request of LandCorp to support the preparation and submission of a Structure Plan for Development Area 6A (the DA6A Structure Plan) within the Latitude 32 Industry Zone (Latitude 32).
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Amendment 18 Local Structure Plan Development Area 6A
Latitude 32 is required to meet the statutory requirements of the Act and the Master Plan and ensure the planning framework provides for certainty and flexibility, enabling land development and the timely release of industrial land that responds to market requirements.
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Appendix A - DA6A EAR
Development Area 6A is in the north west of Latitude 32 and is approximately 96.8ha. LandCorp has prepared a structure plan for Development Area 6A and PGV Environmental has undertaken an environmental assessment to facilitate the Structure Plan.
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Latitude32 DA6A Structure Plan Advertising
The Fremantle Rockingham Industrial Area Regional Strategy 2000 (FRIARS) was undertaken to protect and optimise the Kwinana Industrial Area, given the recognition of the Kwinana Industrial Area’s importance to the State.
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