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Main Roads WA has indicated 2026 for Rowley Road and the upgrade of Anketell Road and are working on a plan and timing for the Fremantle Rockingham Controlled Access Highway (FRCAH).

Containerised freight will be transferred between ships, trains and trucks via either road
or rail. The intermodal terminal is the transfer point from one mode of transport to
another and is an integral part of port operations. The size and location of the intermodal
is being considered in the State Government’s Westport Port and Environs Strategy.

The Westport Taskforce is currently preparing a Westport Port and Environs Strategy, which includes a number of proposed locations for an intermodal terminal. Latitude 32 is one of the proposed locations.

The taskforce includes experts from key government agencies responsible for planning, transport, environment, jobs and finances.

LandCorp owns less than 20% of land in the area, which includes Flinders Precinct, the first estate within Latitude 32 and land within Development Area 2 (former Wattleup townsite) and also the former Cockburn Cement quarry.

The private sector will develop the bulk of Latitude 32.

The Master Plan allows for temporary approvals. Following approval of a structure plan temporary development will be considered in limited circumstances depending on compliance with the approved level plan (within the structure plan) and timing from the development front or development by others.

If you're a landowner and interested in opportunities for sand and limestone to be extracted from your property, prior to commencing work you must submit a Development Application with your local council. Council will advise of additional requirements to be submitted with the application.

The levels which sand and limestone can be extracted to is identified within the Levels Planning Policy.

LandCorp will not be asking any landowner to leave their property. You have three options with your land:

  • Sell your property on the open market,
  • Stay and continue with your approved use, or
  • Redevelop your land for industrial use.